Zoom-Free Activities & Resources

This spring, OISS is compiling activities for you to do on your own time, whenever you need a break!

We know that Zoom fatigue is real and the last thing that you want to do after a long day of classes and meetings on Zoom is log in to another live event on your computer. That is why these activities will be available for you to do whenever it is convenient and at your own pace. 

You will find these activities listed below or on our Programs & Events page. We hope something on this list will be of interest to you, and if you have any other ideas, please email our Assistant Director of Programs.

Ongoing Events

Event image for Molly Makes...Memories!
Welcome to the second installment of the Molly Makes series, where Molly, OISS Assistant Director for Programs, “makes” something new and invites you to join her in the journey. This week, Molly Made Memories (alternative title, Molly Figures Out Bullet Journaling). You can find her step-by-step guide online to help... more
Event image for DIY Affirmations Jar
Many of you have probably heard of the idea of telling yourself daily positive affirmations, but does it really work? The short answer is YES. And there’s actually science and theory around this practice and the benefits that come from it. The basic practice of daily positive affirmations is to pick an affirming... more
Event image for OISS Book Recommendations
OISS has compiled our favorite books for you to enjoy when you need a break from your required reading or after work! Check out our list on Pinterest and let us know if you read any of them: https://pin.it/HQjQ54I. Do you have books you would like to add? Email molly.ham... more
Event image for OISS Podcast Picks
When you head outside to take a walk this semester, listen to one of our favorite podcasts along the way! See our list here: https://pin.it/7Cv3irG.  OISS had a great time putting this list together and we want to know what else you would add. Email molly.hampt... more
Event image for Make Your Own Pasta
OISS Adviser, Kira Bellucci, regularly makes homemade pasta and she has graciously shared her recipe with us.  Follow her easy recipe here and send us photos of your finished pasta products and we will feature them on our Instagram page.  Happy cooking! 
Event image for Make Your Own Chai
Winter is the perfect time to try out new recipes for warm and toasty beverages! OISS staffer, Nathan, is an expert Chai maker and used to make the staff a cup of chai occasionally when we were in the office - we sure do miss that.  Nathan has kindly put together a step-by-step guide to teach us all how to make our... more
Event image for Words of Wisdom Videos
We all could use some Words of Wisdom right now. Diane Frankel-Gramelis, Student Wellness Counselor at the Yale School of Public Health, is releasing weekly videos with her words of wisdom for us to reflect upon.   These short videos address stress, mental health, wellness, and helpful tips for prioritizing what... more
Event image for Molly Makes...Muffins!
Welcome to a new series of programs at OISS this semester called Molly Makes…! Throughout the spring semester your Assistant Director of Programs at OISS, Molly Hampton, will attempt to “make” something new and she invites you to participate along with her in this journey.   This series of programs is brought to you... more
First things first; what is a gratitude journal? The basic premise of a gratitude journal is to spend a moment every day or once a week writing down something that you’re thankful for. You can get a new journal to dedicate this practice to, or you can add it into your existing bullet journal (check out Molly Makes... more
Welcome to the third installment of the Molly Makes series, where Molly, OISS Assistant Director for Programs, “makes” something new and invites you to join her in the journey. This week, Molly Made (a new) Morning Routine! Has the pandemic changed the way that you wake up and start each day? After a year of not... more
OISS staffers, Luca and Nathan, are board game enthusiasts and the pandemic hasn't stopped them from playing!  They have put together some tips for playing online board games, including the opportunity to play with Ludi et Veritas, Yale's official board gaming club!  Read their tips and let us know if we should add... more
February is always one of the toughest months of winter. It’s still cold. It’s still dark. And there are new stressors with starting the new year.  That’s why we are challenging you to a 30 Day Happiness Challenge! Find some examples of pre-made Happiness Challenge charts on our Pinterest page, or create your own. The... more
Did you know that adult coloring can actually relax your brain? There are many studies out there, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, here are three reasons why you should pick up a sharpie: It allows us to shift the focus of our attention away from ourselves, making it a very meditative experience. When your... more