Ways to Volunteer During COVID-19

Are you looking for ways to volunteer during the COVID-19 public health emergency?

Find local opportunities on NewHavenHelpWithCovid.com, a New Haven-wide volunteer management platform where Yale and other university students and residents of New Haven can apply for volunteer positions that have opened up due to the pandemic, and where local non-profits and government can recruit and on-board volunteers quickly.

Some of the positions will be on-site, and some can be done remotely. As this crisis continues to grow in New Haven, it is anticipated that our community will need a lot of help from you in the coming days and weeks. Based on conversations with local organizations, it is clear that they are desperately looking for volunteers with a variety of skills—skills that you as a graduate student possess—in management, communications, research and analysis, engineering, programming, driving, food preparation, planning, and more.

The platform intends to efficiently match supply and demand of talents. But the platform is only as successful as its users: the more users there are, the more effective the tool is. We hope that you will consider going to NewHavenHelpWithCovid.com and signing up as a volunteer. They are currently socializing local non-profits and governments with this platform and anticipate that many volunteer positions will be posted on the platform very shortly. Please follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for their regular newsletter to receive updates on the latest openings. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them at newhavenpandemic@gmail.com.