Spring Break Travel Reminders & OISS Hours

March 9, 2023

Spring break is almost here! OISS will be open during our regular business hours throughout spring break, but please note we will not be open in the evenings March 13-24. There will not be a newsletter on March 16th, but we will be back in your inboxes the following week! 

Traveling over spring break? If you have international travel plans over spring break, please make sure you have all of your documents and they are valid for travel (F-1 student travel, J-1 student travel, or J-1 scholar travel).

This includes making sure you have a valid travel signature on the second page of your I-20 or the first page of your DS-2019. Travel signatures are valid for one year and good for multiple entries. If you are an F-1 student and need a travel signature, please contact your designated OISS adviser and they will electronically send you a new I-20 with a travel signature . If you are a J-1 student or J-1 scholar and need a travel signature, please bring your DS-2019 to OISS during our business hours, 421 Temple Street, and we will give you a new signature. 

Below are some additional precautions you should take before traveling this spring, so please read through this list!

  1. Register your travel with Yale. In the event of a major emergency, Yale will be able to contact you.
  2. In an emergency, contact International SOS travel assistance. All members of the Yale community are automatically enrolled with International SOS (ISOS), which provides pre-travel consultations and 24/7/365 domestic and international emergency medical, security and travel assistance for Yale travelers and accompanying family while more than 100 miles from home.
  3. Check your medical insurance. Check with your medical insurance provider before you travel to verify coverage of routine medical needs and coverage limitations while you are outside the U.S. For students enrolled in Yale Health Basic and Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, your Yale Health insurance coverage is good worldwide in the event of a health emergency.
  4. Travel to Cuba: The U.S. still has an economic embargo against Cuba, which includes certain types of travel. Tourism continues to be prohibited according to the Office of Foreign Asset Control (see items #695 & 698). The embargo affects people currently living in the U.S. including international students and scholars. Traveling through other countries prior to arriving in Cuba does not change whether or not you are subject to the embargo. There are specific educational activities that are permitted in Cuba. For details please read the Yale International Toolkit about travel to Cuba before planning your trip.