OISS Staff Updates

August 3, 2022

It's been a busy summer at OISS and we are excited to announce a few staff promotions, introduce you to some new members of the team, and announce some changes to advising caseloads. You can easily find contact information for everyone on our team on the OISS Staff page, and you can search by your department or school name to find out your designated OISS adviser on the Connect with OISS page. 

OISS Staff Promotions

First, please join us in congratulating these OISS staff members on their well-deserved promotions and new roles at OISS!

Ozan Say, Director

Mihwa Lee, Associate Director

Molly Hampton, Associate Director for Engagement, Assessment, and Operations

Luca Lipparini, Senior Adviser

New Members of the OISS Team

This summer, we have been busy hiring three new team members to add to our talented OISS advising team. Join us in welcoming them!

Alicia Haley, Adviser

Alicia will be working alongside Luca to advise the Graduate School of Arts Sciences. She will be specifically working with students in all humanities and social sciences departments in GSAS. She will also advise the students in our newly established Jackson School of Global Affairs.

Daniel Riecker, Adviser

Dan will be our new adviser for Yale College and Architecture students. He will be working closely with Ozan as he takes on his new caseload. 

Allison Scheetz, Adviser 

Alli will be taking over student and scholar advising at the School of Public Health, as well as non-clinical scholar work at the School of Medicine. She will also temporarily be taking on the advising for School of Music (since she joins us from Juilliard, she won't be a stranger to world of performing arts). 

Coverage while Kira Bellucci is on leave

Kira Bellucci, OISS Senior Adviser, has just gone out on leave and will return next summer. We have listed the new adviser assignments below during Kira's absence. 

  • Architecture (students) - Dan Riecker and Ozan Say
  • Art (students and scholars) - Jesse Kallivrousis
  • Divinity (students and scholars) - Luca Lipparini
  • Environment (students and scholars) - Erin Gustafson
  • Music (students and scholars) - Alli Scheetz
  • Public Health (students and scholars) - Alli Scheetz
  • Visiting Assistant in Research & Non-Degree students - Jesse Kallivrousis

Additional Changes to Adviser Caseloads

With the addition of these new team members and internal promotions, we had to make a few additional changes to advising caseloads. We've listed a few below, but please always refer to the search function on the Connect with OISS page to confirm who your designated adviser will be. 

As of August 1st:

  • Fox Fellows - Alicia Haley
  • Jackson School of Global Affairs - Alicia Haley
  • World Fellows - Ozan Say

As of September 1st:

  • Law School (students and scholars)- Erin Gustafson

As always, if you have any questions about this, please reach out to us and we will point you in the right direction as we go through this transition together! We will be back in your inboxes weekly with our newsletter at the end of August with more updates.