How to Talk to Employers about H-1B Sponsorship

February 20th 11:00 at YSM Hope 216

Join us for a discussion of the H-1B visa and how to approach immigration issues during the job search process. Office of Career Strategy (OCS) Senior Associate Director Brian Frenette and OISS Associate Director Parker Emerson will give a brief presentation, and then open the floor to questions about the interview and immigration process. We will discuss details of how the H-1B visa works, who can pay fees, how the new “cap-subject” registration system may work among other topics. Brian will be able to address OCS resources and best practices in communicating with prospective employers. The objective is to help students to be better prepared to discuss visa issues with prospective employers. Registration is required.

Note: This session is not about Yale employees seeking H-1B sponsorship. Researchers and employees at Yale should contact their OISS advisor to ask about H-1B sponsorship.