Get Your Social Security Number: SSA is Open for Walk-In Appointments

May 2, 2022

The New Haven Social Security Administration is finally open for walk-in appointments, so you no longer need to sign up for an appointment slot with OISS to get a new SSN! However, you will still need a letter from OISS for your appointment.

Please read the following steps for what to do next to get your SSN.

  1. Confirm that you meet all eligibility requirements and have all the necessary documents by reading this page.
  2. Based on the instructions for your visa type on that page, if you need the Yale related immigration status and employment eligibility letter from OISS, please fill out this form to make your request and we will email you the letter as soon as we confirm your eligibility.
    - Please submit your request at least 3 business days prior to when you plan on going to the SSA
  3. Go to the New Haven SSA at 150 Court Street, 4th Floor with all your documents for your appointment.

Once you receive your new SSN:

  • Students should report this number in person to their school registrar.
  • Faculty and staff should report this number to the Employee Service Center at 221 Whitney Avenue.
  • Do not write your SSN in the body of an email or text message or send a copy of your SSN card.


If you have questions about required documents or this process, please contact For all other inquiries, please contact your adviser.