December 2022 Department Newsletter

December 4, 2022


Welcome to the OISS newsletter for the department administrators! This newsletter is a tool to communicate with our departmental partners about recent news, events, and reminders related to hosting international faculty, researchers, and employees at Yale.

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Onboarding Process Reminders

The OISS onboarding process for newly arrived international scholars is now entirely virtual (e.g., immigration check-in via OISS Connect and the virtual orientation). Onboarding instructions are sent to each incoming scholar via email. Please remind them to complete all the onboarding requirements virtually as soon as they arrive. Failure to complete the requirements may result in their visa becoming invalid.

Provide Login Credentials as Early as Possible (NetID & Password)

New scholars should be entered into Workday and provided with their login credentials as early as possible (at least 2 weeks before the start date). They will need to be able to log in with their NetID and password in order to access vital resources, including federally required orientation resources. While abroad, new scholars may be entered into Workday, but Yale typically will not permit remote work (see section about remote work below).

Review Your Onboarding Communication Message to Your New International Scholars

Please emphasize in all your communications that the OISS-related onboarding process upon arrival is 100% virtual, and cannot be completed in-person. We frequently see new scholars visiting our building to complete their check-in and orientation following their department’s instructions. Please review your onboarding communication templates to reiterate OISS’s virtual check-in and orientation requirements so your scholars receive consistent information for a seamless start at Yale. 

Scholar Orientation Presentation Slide

Scholar Orientation

Virtual orientations take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The scholar should attend the orientation session closest to their arrival date (sign-up required). OISS also invites orientation attendees to an in-person welcome event on the Friday following their virtual orientation, which takes place from 9 to 10 am. Please encourage your scholars to attend this event as it allows them to build their network and meet members of the OISS team in-person.

I-9 and E-Verify

Please note that new scholars must finish their immigration check-in with OISS before their E-Verify registration can be completed. Here is an overview of the process for new scholars:

  1. Complete the immigration check-in with OISS
  2. Complete the I-9 at the Employee Service Center (ESC) in-person.
  3. The ESC will also complete the scholar's E-Verify registration at the same time as required by federal regulations.  Learn more about E-Verify.  

Any questions about the I-9 and E-Verify should be directed to the ESC.

Applying for the Social Security Number

If you receive a question about how to apply for a Social Security Number, please refer them to the OISS SSN webpage. Note that the Social Security Office has reopened, so scholars can walk-in for an appointment without needing to schedule one first with OISS.

OISS Connect Tips & Updates

OISS Connect Tips and Updates

Adding or Changing Department Contacts

If you are a department administrator and need to obtain, close, or make a change to an account, please email Arlen Stabbe or Sarah Henderson.

Please note that any updated or changed department contacts must also be manually updated in each scholar record individually by the host department. Failure to complete these updates will result in loss of communication about the scholar record as emails from the OISS Connect system rely on the department contact name listed in each scholar record.

New Required Fields

For immigration compliance requirements we have added a new required field within the Department section which asks for a description of the activity the scholar will engage in while at Yale. Please provide this description in lay terms and be as specific as possible.

Additionally, we are also requesting the host faculty’s Yale Profile website if there is any. While the latter is not a required field, we ask that both new fields be completed as this information provides us with the resources needed to comply with the appropriate immigration regulatory requirements.

DS-2019 Extension Updates

The Department of State (DoS) recently updated its guidance to reiterate that DS-2019 extensions are no longer available for those who received DoS's recommendation for a waiver for the two-year home residence requirement. DoS does not send OISS information regarding the waiver application, so the 'Extend DS-2019' request made in OISS Connect is the only way we are aware of them. Please be sure to provide accurate answers to comply with the new guidance.

Helpful Hints

Help us help you and your scholars! To ensure your scholars arrive on time, as well as maintain their legal status, follow these tips:

Plan Ahead to Account for Winter Break

  • OISS will have limited staff working remotely and no document pick-up in December for the winter break and the week prior (December 19- January 3).

Processing Timeframe Reminders

  • The entire process to have J-1 Scholars start on campus takes at a minimum 90 days. This period may be longer due to the above noted holiday break and other unforeseen circumstances. 
  • The New Sponsorship Request (NSR) is the beginning of the process, not the end. Please start it as soon as possible.
  • The processing ‘clock’ only starts once OISS has received a 100% complete OISS Connect Record
    • Upon receiving the complete record, our goal is to issue the corresponding DS-2019 within 10 business days.
    • If we need additional information, you will need to submit the record again after making updates, thereby restarting the ‘clock’.

Determine the DS-2019 Request Status

Look in the 'Pending Tab' for the status:

  • Draft = Not issued
  • Initial = Issued

Submit button

Do Not Forget to Click the SUBMIT Button

OISS does not know your record is ready for our review if you forget this vitally important step.

Remote Work - A Reminder

Working remotely may have consequences to the scholar’s immigration status. Yale visa sponsorship typically requires the individual to be working at the specific worksite as recorded on their immigration documents. Be aware of Yale’s policies and discuss the situation with the scholar and their OISS adviser before making any decisions.

Faculty Recruitment Season Reminders

As many departments are in the middle of new faculty recruitment efforts for upcoming academic year(s), OISS wishes to remind you of tenure-track/ladder-track faculty members’ U.S. permanent residency sponsorship eligibility. Per Yale policy, the newly hired individuals in those appointment classifications are eligible to be sponsored for their U.S. permanent residency application. It is crucial that the departments forward a copy of the offer letters to Mihwa Lee at OISS as soon as they are issued.

The offer issuance dates (not the offer acceptance dates) will dictate each application’s deadline. OISS will be required to work with the Departments of Labor and Homeland Security, and the regulations only provide sponsoring employers with a narrow processing window to make it happen, while each agency's processing time is extremely long. Please visit the EB-2 PERM Labor Certification Application page for more information.

Upcoming OISS Connect Training for Department Administrators

We are excited to announce new OISS Connect training dates! The tentative dates are:

  • January 12 from 9 - 11AM
  • March 23 from 9 - 11AM

We’ll be providing more information and the link to register shortly, so keep an eye out for the next communication from OISS.

Get in Touch

Contacting Us

There are many ways to connect with OISS! Each school and department has an assigned OISS adviser (find yours on our Connect with OISS page), and they are always available for your case-specific questions by email. Additional resources are available for general inquiries, such as virtual drop-in hours, and we hope you will utilize our services accordingly.

Hours & Availability

OISS will have limited staff working remotely and no document pick-up in December for the winter break and the week prior (December 19- January 3).

Please note that dates/hours for each advising service may change depending on the season. We encourage you to check the most updated information about our operation on our website.