Stories from Students & Scholars at Yale

“People are there to help you.  People are there to support you.  One person I can think of is the dean of my college. … My dean is the first one I can ask to help me figure things out.”




“… Before I came here, I had to decide to live alone or live with someone.  I decided to live with a roommate, and she has told me many things about American culture.  If I live alone, I wouldn’t know these things, so I think it’s a very good experience to live with people from other countries.”

JIEUN LEE (Postdoctoral Scholar), SOUTH KOREA


“Most of us, when we’re first coming, don’t think we have any confidence, so we don’t create a very good schedule for the whole year.  But you should make a schedule for learning, studying, and socializing before you come here by consulting with friends and peers.”

XIANGGUO DUAN (Scholar and Spouse), CHINA


“Coming to Yale, it was good to know I wasn’t just some kind of demographic and that I was an individual with specific skills and expertise and with specific value.  And knowing that, it means you can go out and look for things you have access to.”