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Yale Dining

Interested in buying a meal plan at one of the Dining Halls on campus? Visit the Yale Dining website to learn about Yale Dining Services. This site will tell you “where to eat”, “what we offer” and “who we are”. You can also eat at Yale Dining facilities on a pay as you go basis. All are welcome. If you have questions you can email yale.dining@yale.edu.


New Haven has a plethora of food options and is consistently ranked as one of the best “foodie” cities in America.

There are plenty of places to eat both on and off campus, from dining halls to street vendors to delis to fast food joints to fine dining restaurants. Check out the Info New Haven Dining page for some suggestions. Take some time to explore what's in your neighborhood. Follow the crowds - that's usually an indication of what's good. 

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Restaurant Week

If you've always wanted to try out a restaurant but don't have the funds, Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to do so! This event is a bi-annual (April & November), six-day celebration of what New Haven knows best – food.  Check out Info New Haven's website for more details. Reservations are recommended.

Famous New Haven-Style Pizza Apizza

New Haven, with a sizeable Italian-American community, is famous for its pizza pie (known locally as “apizza”, pronounced “ah-beets”). The two pizza shops in the historic Wooster Square area that vie for top ranking in the New Haven pizza war are Sally's Apizza and Frank Pepe's. Other serious contenders in the city are BAR and Modern Apizza, and staff favorites include Next Door and Kitchen Zinc. Wherever you do decide to go, just be prepared to wait - there is often a long line at the most famous ones!

Food Trucks

You don't need to be inside to get some delicious bites. These street vendors are gaining massive popularity and followings amongst students and staff for their low-cost and varied options. There are three main 'areas' that they congregate: the Medical School (Cedar Street), Science Hill (Prospect and Sachem), and Long Wharf (Long Wharf Drive). Find the full list of Food Trucks here.