Recruitment Advertising Involving International Applicants

Text of Recruitment Advertisement

If your recruitment for a junior, ladder-track or tenured faculty position may result in a candidate who would need visa sponsorship, then specific wording and protocols must be followed in preparing the advertisement. In order to qualify for the EB-2 Labor Certification Special Handling (green card) the text of the advertisement must list:

  • job title (academic title)
  • essential duties (must include reference to teaching)
  • minimum eligibility requirements including the degree (and accepted fields), required licensure or certification, experience, and any special skills (language fluency, etc…)

Because this category of green card is reserved for those who do some element of teaching, it is critical that the advertisement include terms such as “teach,” “faculty,” “professor,”  etc…

Must be a Professional Journal

Whether the advertisement is online or in print, it must be posted in a professional journal, not just a job posting site such as Academic Jobs Online, JOE (economics), MLA (languages), AMA (marketing) etc…. For many jobs in higher education, the Department of Labor (DOL) considers an appropriate journal the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can normally buy a line-text only advertisement for on-line posting with the Chronicle for less than $500.

Print Advertisement

If a print advertisement is used, OISS will need a scan of the actual published advertisement that shows the name of the journal and the and date of publication.

Online Posting

The DOL allows for online advertisements in professional journals, however it is critical to record evidence that the listing was posted for a least a 30-day period. Such evidence may include one or more of the following:

  • An invoice for the online ad that shows the journal name, posting date, and the duration of the online posting
  • On the first day the ad is live, print a screen-shot of the webpage showing the ad content, the name of the online journal and that day's date. On the 30th day the ad has been posted, print another screen-shot of the web page showing the ad content, the name of the online journal and that day's date.