Submitting Documentation to OISS and USCIS

Delivery to OISS

Once you have collected most of the supporting documentation materials as specified in the customized Cover pages in support of Form I-129, set up an appointment to meet with Uma Shankar. Bring all your collected materials organized according to the various categories. At the meeting, the advisor will review the materials with you and may ask for additional information or more clarification on some sections or suggest to have some letters revised.

Using this iterative process, your application will be completed and ready for submission to USCIS.

Submitting Application to USCIS

OISS would complete the Form I-129, (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker) and Form I-907, (Request for Premium Processing Service), if used. The applications are then sent to either USCIS Premium Processing unit which takes less than 15 days to adjudicate at a fee of $1225 or regular processing which can take about 3 months or more.

After USCIS adjudicates your application, the outcome can be one of the three:
ApprovalQuestioned (Request for Evidence) or Denial.