Filling Out the Exchange Visitor Section

This is a guide for J-1 Exchange Visitors with tips for filling out the Exchange Visitor tab in OISS Connect.

If you have not done so already, please read our Getting Started with OISS Connect page first.


Leave the 'EV ID' field blank:

EV ID field

Address Information

We recommend that you skip the entire address section and leave it blank. If you would like your Yale host department to send you the Form DS-2019 by courier service (FedEx or UPS), please provide your host department (not OISS) with the address they should use to ship your form.

Dependents Information

If you will be coming to Yale with family members (spouse or children under 21 years old), you may add them here by clicking the + Add button and filling out the required information. Click here to learn more about J-2 status for family members .

Be Sure to Click Update

OISS Connect does not automatically save as data is entered. You must complete all fields and click the Update button at the bottom of the page to avoid losing entered data.

Click on update to avoid losing data