An H-1B extension is possible if a Yale employee currently in H-1B status is seeking to remain in the same job for a longer period of time. Extensions can be granted in increments of three years for a cumulative total of 6 years, as long as the application is received by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before the expiration of the current H-1B status noted on the most current I-94 record. An extension application includes all of the same steps (DOL, USCIS, etc…) as an initial H-1B application, and takes approximately three months for processing before being filed with USCIS.

NOTE: If the department and/or scholar delay the extension process, it may be necessary for the scholar to go on unpaid leave, depart from the U.S. and wait for the new H-1B petition to be approved.

Contact Department

Contact department administrator 6-8 months prior to the expiration of your current H-1B status.


Be sure to review the H-1B passport requirements.

Fill Out the H-1B Application

After you are contacted by OISS, you must complete the “Beneficiary” tab in your OISS Connect account, and submit by email the all required documents listed below to your OISS adviser.

IMPORTANT: Departure from the U.S. during your H-1B petition process both by OISS and by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) affects your H-1B petition and ability to return/stay in the U.S. All international travels during the process must be refrained. If you have an unexpected need to leave the U.S., please consult with your OISS adviser before your departure.

Additional Materials

You must provide your OISS adviser (preferably by email) with the following document copies scanned as *unsecured* PDFs (files not provided in this format may cause delays in OISS review):

  • H-1B Additional Information Form
  • Your C.V.
  • Your highest degree certificate, including the degree field.
    • If degree field is not on the certificate a copy of your transcripts (or an alternative official document that shows the degree field) is required.
    • If not in English, an English translation is also required.
    • If the degree is from outside the U.S., it is required to have a credential evaluation completed.  The degree evaluation must also contain the degree field.  (Contact the company of your choice, or review the information provided here
  • Your I-94 record
  • Copy of the personal data and expiration page in your passport
  • Current visa stamp
  • All previous H-1B I-797 approval notices issued by the USCIS
  • If you have ever held J-1/J-2 status in the U.S.; copies of all your Forms DS-2019 forms, J-1/J-2 visa stamps and a copy of the waiver of the two-year home residence requirement (if applicable).
  • Verification that you are currently employed: copies of your pay stubs for the most recent three months.
  • If you have green card application pending, provide any documents related to that application (e.g. I-797 receipt/approval notice for I-140/I-130, I-797 receipt notice for I-485, EAD/Advanced Parole, etc.)

For MD Patient Care Clinicians:

If you are applying for H-1B status that includes clinical responsibilities and patient care, you must also provide:

  • Copies of your unrestricted State license, registration or certificate, if required by your specialty
  • Copies of your ECFMG certification (if your medical degree is from overseas), or a copy of your U.S. or Canadian medical degree certificate
  • Copies of your USMLE 1, 2, 3 results (except the U.S. medical degree holders)
  • Copies of your Board Certification (if applicable)

Accompanying Dependents Only

OISS may include applicant family member Forms I-539 and the I-539A along with Yale’s petition for university work visa sponsorship as a courtesy. Forms I-539/539A are considered individuals’ personal applications (in other words, it is NOT Yale University’s application to the government); therefore, OISS staff do not verify for the accuracy or completeness of the forms and supplemental evidence. The I-539/539A applicants (your applicant family members) are responsible for fully and properly complying with all laws and regulations regarding respective dependent visa status, and documenting in their I-539/539A applications with all necessary evidence. In extreme cases it may be necessary for them or you to seek assistance from an immigration attorney. Please ask OISS if you need clarification on any of the questions within the Forms I-539 or I-539A. OISS will help if we are able or may suggest alternate resources.

If you have a spouse or unmarried children (under the age of 21) and wish their H-4 status application to be included in Yale’s H-1B petition packet, please submit the following to your OISS adviser (you may also submit paper copies in person at the OISS office). Do not use the “File Online” option:

  • An original signed (blue ink) Form I-539. Please note the following:
    • Thoroughly review Instructions for Form I-539 (see the “Forms and Document Downloads” section).
    • Complete Form I-539 (see the “Forms and Document Downloads” section). The form must be completed and signed by the oldest dependent family member (if multiple H-4 applicants, see below regarding I-539A) as the primary applicant, not the H-1B beneficiary.
    • If the primary applicant is under 14 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the minor applicant and complete Parts 5 and 7 accordingly.
  • Additionally, an original signed (blue ink) Form I-539A(s) must be included for any additional family members. Please note the following:
    • The primary applicant of the Form I-539 is not required to complete the Form I-539A.
    • Thoroughly review Instructions for Form I-539A (see the “Forms and Document Downloads” section).
    • Complete I-539A(s) (see the “Forms and Document Downloads” section).
    • The I-539A is completed and signed by each I-539A applicant not the H-1B beneficiary.
    • If the I-539A applicant is under 14 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the minor applicant and complete Parts 5 and 7 accordingly.
  • Filing fees: Application fee is $370. This fee covers all applicants that are included in the I-539/539A (e.g. $370 for one applicant or a family of three). Check is to be made payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”
  • Unexpired passport personal data and expiration page for each applicant family member.
  • Current visa stamp for each applicant family member.
  • I-94 record for each applicant family member.
  • A copy of the marriage certificate (spouse applicants) and birth certificates for each child applicant. If the original document is not in English, English translation is required.

Further Documentation Required If Any of Your Dependents:

  • Currently hold H-4 status. Provide copies of all previous H-4 I-797 approved notices issued by the USCIS; if applicable, include a copy of the EAD.
  • Have ever previously been in J status (i.e. J-1 or J-2). Provide copies of all Forms DS-2019, visa stamps and a copy of the waiver of the two-year home residency requirement (if applicable). If J-2, include a copy of EAD (if applicable).
  • Have a green card application pending. Provide any documents related to that application (e.g. I-797 receipt/approval notice for I-140/I-130, I-797 receipt notice for I-485, EAD/Advanced Parole, etc.)

​Once your OISS adviser has received all required materials for the H-1B application and processed the application packet, you will get an email confirming that the application has been sent to USCIS.