J Visas: Step-by-Step

Step 1: OISS Approves Request for J-1 Sponsorship

When the new sponsorship request is approved by OISS (normally 3-10 business days) OISS Connect will automatically notify the 'Department Contact' listed in the New Sponsorship Request via email. OISS Connect will also automatically email the scholar an invitation to create an account and access their record.

At this phase of OISS Connect development we recommend that the department send an email to the scholar asking that they contact the department when they have completed their information.

Step 2: Scholar Submits Additional Information

The scholar creates an OISS Connect, logins in with their email and chosen password, and completes their Exchange Visitor tab. Please note: At this time the scholar should not enter any address into the address fields.

The scholar goes to the Documents tab and attaches their passport, insurance, and funding documents as applicable.

Step 3: Department Enters Remaining Data

The department must enter remaining information and attach documentation as necessary. We recommend that the department review what the scholar submitted by going to the Exchange Visitor page. Follow along by clicking the J-1 Specific Requirements > link at the bottom of this page or click the links in the menu to the right to go directly to each step.

Step 4: Department Reviews Record and Submits to OISS

Step 5: OISS Reviews and Issues DS-2019