Choosing a Visa

OISS staff will work with departments to determine which immigration status works best given a particular appointment and individual coming to Yale. Departments are encouraged to consult with OISS prior to making a commitment to hire an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. OISS is available to talk with the candidate (either in person, if the candidate is on campus, or by phone or email) to make sure the immigration status selected best suits the scholar’s immediate needs and future plans.

Choosing the Right Status

Departments do not need to choose a visa status for the new incoming scholar, an OISS adviser will do this. However if you are curious about what to expect, below is a sampling of Yale appointment titles and suggestions on the best visa status for that title. This is meant to be a general guide. If you have questions please consult with an OISS adviser. Appointment types are listed below.