Appointment Extensions Require New Immigration Documents

Only J-1 visa extensions should be done using ISD. For H-1B and other visa extensions, please contact your OISS adviser directly for instructions. For a J visa extension you will need the following information in order to update ISD:

  • New appointment end date
  • Updated funding information/confirmation for the duration of the new appointment
  • Additional requirements may be necessary depending on the scholar's visa status.

How to Extend a Scholar Appointment

Select the current visa status of the scholar you wish to extend, below.

J-1 Scholars

  1. Login to ISD, search for Visitor, and locate the scholar's record.
  2. Provide a new 'appointment end date' under the Appointment category.

    Note: DO NOT change the “appointment start date” information.

  3. Provide new funding information under the Funding category. Please note:

    DO NOT delete the current funding amounts you see in ISD. Simply add the new funds to funds currently displayed. (i.e., if current funds = 30000, and new funding = 30000, enter 60000)

    Proof/Certification of any non-Yale funding must be uploaded to the ISD record.\

  4. Insurance Requirement (this is a workaround.) Go to the Other tab and click in Passport and Visa, and scroll to the bottom I have read the insurance requirement and choose This is an extension request from the pull down menu. Hit save and complete the remaining information updates accordingly


  5. Resubmit the record to OISS:
    Click on the Tasks tab
    Click Review and Submit Visitor’s Information
    Click Submit


H-1B Temporary Worker

H-1B extension instructions for the Yale department can be found on the H-1B section of this website or contact your OISS adviser to get specific extension instructions.

Other Visa Types

We recommend that you contact your OISS adviser to get specific extension instructions.