Early Departure

When a scholar leaves Yale before the expiration of his or her immigration status, the department must notify OISS so that OISS can meet its reporting requirements to the federal government. To know if the planned departure is earlier than the visa sponsorship end date, look up the record in ISD or look at the scholar's J-1 or H-1B visa document (DS-2019 or I-797 Notice).

How to notify OISS

To notify OISS of the early departure, please look-up the record in ISD and simply change the appointment end date to the new earlier departure date. Save the record, go to TASKS and review and submit the record to OISS. In some cases, OISS may have additional questions, and will follow up with the scholar and/or department administrator.

NOTE: If there is no record for the scholar in ISD, please send an e-mail to Sarah Henderson (sarah.henderson@yale.edu) notifying her about the early departure date by listing the scholars name, date of birth and early departure date.