Department Responsibilities

Hosting international faculty, staff or trainees in your department comes with the normal university protocols for any new hire/appointment. OISS is charged with keeping records for all non-citizens and non-permanent residents who hold academic appointments, regardless of their visa status. Please make sure to create an ISD record for any new or potential international employee as soon as possible in the process (see the information to the right on how to create a record.) The international visitor's ability to work, and live in the U.S. legally is dependent on “maintaining legal status.” OISS works with both the scholar and the host department to monitor the visa status by sending alerts. Alerts related to issues such as the expiration of an employees visa is sent to both the scholars, and the designates department contact. It is the department's responsibility to respond to these alerts by telling OISS that the scholar is leaving Yale, or to request a visa extension by submitting the required information.