Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds

OISS Connect is a new system and sometimes has bugs or quirks. Please have patience as the vendor creates a fix or comes up with a workaround. When there is a workaround, most often the vendor is also working on a long-term solution to be delivered in one of the quarterly upgrades.

  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.
  • If your data is not saving, or anything out of the ordinary is happening, try clearing your cache, log out, and log back in.
  • Documents:
    • Please only add PDF documents to the system or convert documents into PDF files before uploading to OISS Connect.
    • Documents that are attached to the record can only be deleted by OISS.
    • If you have uploaded a Document but now cannot see it, OISS can correct this.
    • You can download multiple Documents as a bundle by clicking the 'Print Documents' button in the Documents tab. You are able to select which ones to download by checking the box next to them and selecting Print. 
  • Please avoid using special characters, accent marks, hyphens, or commas in any fields. Using them creates long strings of gibberish in the system.
  • If the address includes non-English letters, please have the scholar translate it.
  • Wondering what the status is of the DS-2019 form is for an incoming scholar? Make sure you click on “Submit to ISSS Admin”, otherwise, we won’t know the record is ready for our review. You may need to click this again if we have asked for additional information.
  • When searching for a scholar in the Dashboard, only enter one name (e.g. only 'Smith', not 'John Smith').
  • Once a DS-2019 form has been issued, all other changes need to be made using the “Requests” tab or by clicking on “Extend DS-2019” at the top of the record for J-1 extensions.
  • Optional: Department onboarding template (download and customize for your department process).
  • You asked for checklists, and we delivered. View the J-1 initial (not student intern) checklist here.
  • Do you have suggestions for improving
  • Don't see the issue you are having with OISS Connect here? Make screen shots of the problem and send it to your OISS adviser.