FAQs For Newly Admitted Students

Updated August 2, 2020

Planning for Fall 2020

On July 24th DHS/ICE released Clarifying Questions for Fall 2020 and we now have a clearer understanding of how Yale's Fall 2020 model and your individual choices of enrollment will impact your F-1 status.

Given the many different programs within Yale, specific questions about enrollment options for the fall semester are best answered by directly communicating with your school. For more general information about how Yale will operate in the fall, please refer to these University updates.

Please know that both Yale and OISS are committed to supporting you through this difficult period and ensuring that you are able to participate in your academic program this fall, should you choose to do so.


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Visa Appointment Questions

Travel and Arrival in New Haven

Deferring the Start of Your Program

SEVIS Transfer Students

Enrolling in Class if my Travel is Delayed

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