Volunteer at OISS

OISS coordinates programs that provide international students, scholars, and their family members the opportunity to connect with members of the Yale and New Haven  communities, learn more about U.S. culture, improve language ability, and make new friends. While each program has a different focus, all were created with the aim of encouraging cross-cultural exchange and friendship. The Yale and greater New Haven communities have a lot to offer and a lot to gain by participating in these programs.  OISS would love to welcome you as a volunteer!

Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners matches Yale international students, scholars and their spouses/partners with volunteers from the New Haven and Yale communities for language and culture exchange.  Conversation Partners usually meet for one hour per week at any mutually agreed upon on or off campus location. the minimum commitment is four weeks, with the aim to continue for at least one semester (12 weeks). The topic and format of the meetings is up to the participants. Most often, participants engage in informal conversation; however guidelines and suggestions for topics if desired are available through the OISS. Meetings are usually conducted in English and no knowledge of a second language is required or even necessary.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Conversation Partners program, please submit your information by clicking on the link below:


I'd like to be a conversation partner 

Community Friends

Community Friends of Yale International Students matches Yale international students with local hosts who provide an introduction to U.S. culture and to the New Haven area. Hosts and students keep in touch throughout the academic year and meet occasionally to share a meal or activity, planting the seeds for a potentially life-long friendship.   If you are interested in being a host in the Community Friends program, please email maria.gutierrez@yale.edu.

Think of it as being a mentor, and gaining a new friendship at the same time.  It is a rare opportunity, frequently missed, to get to know these students on a more personal level.  They have a lot to offer, and we have a lot to give. - Ronice Awudu, YSS EMS Process Expert