Thankful for Thanksgiving (and our hosts)

November 30, 2017

Every Thanksgiving, the OISS matches our international students, scholars, and their families with local hosts to celebrate the holiday. This year, we were able to give 72 international guests the opportunity to participate in this delicious, American tradition with the help of 25 host families. For the majority of our participants, this was their first time experiencing a Thanksgiving dinner and trying turkey and pumpkin pie! Here are a few of our favorite quotes we've received from our students and scholars since the holiday:

“This event is such a lovely idea! It's great that as an international scholar I had the opportunity to experience Thanksgiving in a traditional way.”

I felt like home: the first time in my 4 years in the U.S.”

“Our hosts were extremely kind! They hosted because they know exactly how international students feel as they are from Pakistan. Really friendly, warm, joyful family.”

We wanted to give a huge thank you to all of our host families for opening their homes for Thanksgiving, as this program wouldn't be possible without them!