Signing a Lease

A lease is a legally binding housing contract, normally spanning a 12 month period, or (around the Yale campus) ending at the beginning of the academic year, whichever is longer. The Yale Off Campus Housing site provides detailed information about signing a lease. A few of the most important details are listed below:

  • Never sign a lease on a property you have not seen in person. 
  • Read everything carefully and understand all of your obligations.   
  • Make sure that any special stipulations you require, such as permission to have a pet, are stated in the lease.  
  • Landlords are not bound by law to agree to subletting, and some will not allow it at all.  
  • Keep a signed copy for your own records. Never rely on verbal agreements alone. 
  • If you have questions about a lease, check with the OISS before you sign it. 
  • If you have a disagreement with your landlord, never violate your lease by ceasing payment on your rent. 
  • Should you have any legal questions or disputes concerning leases or housing issues, please refer to the Housing Disputes section of this website.