OISS Stories: Jieun Lee


Postdoctoral Scholar,
Electrical Engineering

What have been your favorite experiences about Yale so far?

 “The seminars.  So many famous people come to give us seminars at Yale, so it’s quite a great thing.  They are also for free, and I learn many things from them.  My favorite one was the Boston Dynamics seminar.  The presenters made a robot that looked like animal.  That was great!”


What has been your most memorable experience about New Haven and/or Connecticut?

 “I have a good memory of Thanksgiving.  My roommate’s parents invited me for Thanksgiving, so we went there.  There was a lot of food, so we just ate and drank and talked with the whole family.  I especially liked turkey and cranberry sauce, but my most favorite thing was stuffing.”


What is one thing you would have known before coming to Yale?

 “Learn more English.  I think now for me, that is the most important thing because I can eat American food and I can go to school without a car.  Everything is fine for living.  But for research, I think I need more English skills.  It’s hard to communicate with other people about my research.  Sometimes, I’m confused what they want directly.  I can converse with my colleague, but my professor sends emails with very short sentences.  I don’t understand what he wants me to do exactly, so many things get confused.”


Any other stories you’d like to share about your time here as an international student? 

 “I’m now living with an American woman.  She was raised in New Haven.  Before I came here, I had to decide to live alone or live with someone.  I decided to live with a roommate, and she has told me many things about American culture.  If I live alone, I wouldn’t know these things, so I think it’s a very good experience to live with people from other countries.”