EB-1 Outstanding Professor / Researcher


Yale sponsors Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) for Faculty or Researcher using the Employment Based (EB-1) Outstanding Professor/Researcher category. Yale sponsorship is not automatic and Faculty/Researchers must meet the criteria for the following two sections before they can be considered for sponsorship.

A Yale University Sponsorship Requirement

To be eligible for a Yale Sponsorship, a researcher must meet all four criteria as stipulated below. They must have:

  • A Faculty or a Researcher position (Associate Research Scientist and up)
  • An “indefinite” academic appointment supported by a letter from the Chairperson or PI
  • Funding for at least 3 years assured by the Chairperson or PI
  • Valid H-1B status

B United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Eligibility Requirement

To meet USCIS eligibility requirements, a scholar must have:

  • Evidence of a “permanent” University employment offer. For proof, we need:
    1. Initial appointment letter from Yale
    2. Promotion letter to a Faculty/Research position at Yale, if applicable
    3. A ‘Letter of Employment with the indefinite duration’ clause, based on the 'sample letter'  on our site
  • Three years of research experience with 'international recognition' and 'outstanding research'
  • Significant achievement in at least 'Two out of Six' EB-1 Eligibility Categories
Note 1: To ensure continued employment, please apply for sponsorship before the end of the 5th year of H-1B status.
Note 2: Postdoctoral researchers and other temporary research positions do not qualify for Yale EB-1-2 sponsorship. 
             They may qualify for self-sponsorship using either ‘EB-2 National Interest’ or ‘EB-1 Extraordinary Ability’.