Processing Stages

Do not change the processing stage for an ISD record. The processing stage will change automatically when new events happen in ISD. For example, when your scholar submits their information to the department, the processing stage will update to read: Pending Department Review.

A full explanation of each processing stage can be found below.

Processing Stage



The ISD record has simply been created.

A department should provide all required information in the scholar record or invite the scholar to submit information.



The scholar has been invited to submit there own information through ISD, but they have not yet logged in for the first time.

Pending Scholar 
Data Entry


The scholar has logged into ISD and is in the process of providing their information.

Visitor Review Requested


OISS does not use this status.

Pending Department Review


The scholar has provided all of their required information and submitted to their Yale department. The department must still review that information and provide the information asked for under AppointmentSite of Activity, and Funding.

Once all information has been provided a department should submit to OISS.

Department Review Requested


OISS has reviewed the information and is missing information. Click the History button to find the most recent email that was sent to your office with further instructions.

Submitted to International Office


OISS is reviewing the ISD record for accuracy.

If the record is missing information OISS will write you an email with further instructions and switch the stage back to “Department Review Requested.”

If the record is complete OISS will generate the immigration document. OISS will email you when the immigration document is mailed or ready for pick-up. Confirmation of this email can be found in the record's History.

Pending Case Coordinator Review


OISS does not use this status.