English Language Proficiency

Federal regulations require evidence of an assessment of English language proficiency prior to sponsoring a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. The actual regulatory text can be viewed here [PDF]. To meet this requirement host departments must choose (using ISD) one of the following options below. This step only applies to incoming J-1 scholars. J status extensions are exempt.

1. Submit an English Language Assessment Form

Using ISD, the administrator would select this option from the drop down menu and have the supervising faculty member complete, sign and return the English Language Assessment Form [PDF].

The form should be attached to the ISD record prior to submitting the request to OISS. The following is the text on the form:

2. Confirm scholar has a degree/transcript (program taught in English)

It is not necessary to send OISS the international scholar's degree or transcript.  The department simply confirms in ISD that the scholar has a degree or transcript from an institution that provides instruction in English (e.g. University of Toronto).

3. Student Intern

If the visa request is for a Student Intern (e.g. Visiting Student in Research), submit the OISS Department Attestation Form [PDF].