Yale departments often find it necessary to extend a scholar's Yale appointment.

Extensions require new immigration documents.  OISS typically requires the following information in order to extend a scholar appointment:

  • New appointment end date
  • Updated funding information/confirmation for the duration of the new appointment
  • Additional requirements may be necessary depending on the scholar's visa status.

How to Extend a Scholar Appointment

Select the current visa status of the scholar you wish to extend, below.

J-1 Scholars

For individuals who already have an ISD record:

  1. Login to ISD, search for Visitor, and locate the scholar's record.
  2. Provide a new 'appointment end date' under the Appointment category.

    Note: DO NOT change the “appointment start date” information.

  3. Provide new funding information under the Funding category. Please note:

    DO NOT delete the current funding amounts you see in ISD. Simply add the new funds to funds currently displayed. (i.e., if current funds = 30000, and new funding = 30000, enter 60000)

    Proof/Certification of any non-Yale funding must be uploaded to the ISD record.

  4. Resubmit the record to OISS:
    Click on the Tasks tab
    Click Review and Submit Visitor’s Information
    Click Submit

For individuals who do not have an ISD record:

In order to extend this scholar's stay, you will be required to submit the following to OISS:

  • New appointment end dates
  • Confirmation of the appointment title
  • Updated funding information/confirmation for the duration of the new appointment
  • Possible approval from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (depending on the title)

Submit Extension Information Now


H-1B Temporary Worker

H-1B extension instructions for the Yale department can be found on the H-1B section of this website.

Other Visa Types

We recommend that you contact the OISS and speak with an advisor to get specific extension instructions.